Windy days here on the Big Island

We have sure had some windy days this winter!! Craziest winter weather I have seen here in Hawaii yet!! I want to thank our customers for their understanding when we decide to cancel their tour. Unless you are a hard core sailor who likes wearing foulies and getting soaked to your skivvies, it is not going to be enjoyable for you… to stay on the hard.

However…..I would rather sail in high winds than through thick fog!!

I remember a sail I had about 5 years ago with fog so thick you couldn’t see the bow of that 42′ sailboat. Crossing through the San Pedro Channel shipping lanes, I was well aware of massive ships traveling at about thirty knots running North and South along the California Coast not to mention the tankers and container ships that wanted to enter the harbor at the same place I did. I was white knuckled all the way home listening to a VERY LOUD horn off to the starboard side that was only getting louder!! I knew there was some very heavy metal off to my starboard side headed right towards me and I could only hope he saw me on his radar crossing the shipping lanes as fast as I could since I am quite certain he couldn’t hear my little canned air horn blasts every two minutes. After I had endured this for several hours, my nephew comes to me and says, “Auntie, is this like in the movies where you see the big giant bow coming out of the fog at just about the minute he is going to ram you?”……..”Yes, Andrew, just like this!!” I replied surprisingly calm. With my eyes glued to the GPS and wishing I could motor just a little faster, I was finally hailed on the radio by a Captain with a very thick Russian accent asking me, “Vessel located at x latitude and y longitude, what is your intention?” That’s me!! Turning my attention to the radio, I squeaked back through the microphone, “I just want to get through Queen’s Gate and into the harbor before I meet your metal.” He chuckled back at me that they would come on in behind me…As hard as I wrenched and twisted my neck to get a peek at the size of that ship, I never saw it. By the time I was safely inside my slip I had to pry my hands off of that wheel…..aggghhhh!!…scary scary……but still….the worst day of sailing beats the best day of anything else!! Happy Sailing!!!

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