Just another beautiful Hawaiian sunset

Do you ever wonder if there is a day without an exquisite sunset here on the Big Island of Hawaii?? During each of our sunset sails here at Hawaii Island Sailing, we see the sun paint its own masterpiece!! Of course we always look for and hope to see the green flash at the final sinking of the sun during every sunset tour and some days the green flash is brilliant and bright, another day it may be a quick fleeting twinkle and other days we cannot see it at all but we all admit that the sunset we experienced on this day brought many oohs and ahhhs from our guests on board Imagine.

Our sunset tour is one of our most popular tours here on Kona Coast and we hope to share this experience with you while you snap your own photos of just another beautiful Hawaiian sunset…….remember each tour is completely private and customized especially for you, your friends and your family…..looking forward to sailing with you!!!


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