Incredible Snorkeling!

This was one of the most incredible sailing and snorkeling tours we have ever been on! – David and Wendy

We had a small VIP group in Kona for the week and we were lucky enough to spend the day abroad the sailboat Imagine recently. This sailing charter turned into a very Aloha day. We got a visit from a pod of Spinner Dolphins that stayed with us for a long time. The wind was perfect. Captain Elayne and 1st Mate Cassidy really made the day with a perfect selection of food and drinks. We stopped to snorkel at a secret spot only accessible by boat and the water was crystal clear. There were a series of lava tubes and we all took turns diving down and getting some amazing GoPro video. Mahalo Captain Elayne for treating us to such an awesome experience – wish we could rate you an 11 on TripAdvisor! David + Wendy, iLuka Media

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